Tuesday, 6 October 2009

My God is a GREAT GOD~

How great is our God? Indeed VERY great… :)

Well why am I so happy?

Brothers and sisters don’t give up. Lord has His plan for each and every one of us. Whatever you asked in your prayers, will be answered. This is how God answered my prayers…though not 100% fulfilled…but I know…I got to be persistent enough and soon my prayers shall be 100% fulfilled.

I had this long prayers list where I usually will pray every night before I hit the sack.

One of prayer in my long prayers list is that I prayed for this person, A, who is a friend of mine that he will come to know God. I find it so difficult for me to talk to A about religion and there were once I asked him personally what’s his religion, and the answered I got from him is either “muslim” or “I don’t believe in God”.

That is so sad to hear it. I myself personally hope and wish he could come to know God because I feel that he lacks of something inside. He is a very fearful person and I know he has been carrying his excess baggage for a very long.

After sometime praying for his studies, his future and I always asked God to send an angel to protect him and let him see the light of God or hear God. And, God really loves me… God answered my prayers by sending another Christian brother to share gospel with him.

Wow…amazing isn’t it. I pray and God send a person to sow seed, and I wish I can harvest this “plant” or maybe God send a “salt or light” to save this person.

Thank you Father, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Holy Spirit… I know whatever I’m thinking without proclaiming it, You already knows it. You know me best… You know what I want…and even You don’t give me what I want but You still give me the best of everything. Thank You Lord.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sermon on the Mount

Today was quite unusual for me because I oversleep and have this lazy mood, intend to skip church. But then, I speed all the way to SIBKL.

Thank God for not skipping church today as today's sermon entitled ' Sermon on the Mount' was really a great sermon and this gonna last for another 11 weeks.

Sermon on the Mount is basically about Jesus sharing his words with His disciples on the mount. Pastor mentioned Jesus did so because He wants to differentiate those who are serious from the curious. I started to self reflects, am I serious to seek God or am I curious to know how is it like seeking God? [Matthew 5:1]

Another thing pastor mentioned was "many are called but few are chosen". [Matthew 22:14] Then again, I started to think whether I want to be called only or whether I want to be called and chosen? Because as a Christian, we sometimes tend to take for granted. We keep giving excuses for not serving God. As for me, I keep giving myself excuses for not attending cell groups. Pastor warned, "Doesn't mean you are a Christian, you can do what you want." Very true also... we always do what we want, then at the end of the day pray and ask for forgiveness, then next day start doing again. Then, what's the point get baptized so soon? Might as well baptized a day before death...lolx

Pastor's main intention is that everyone who hears the words of God will put into practice. Not just listen and then the next moment is like nothing happen and nothing really matters. [Matthew 7:24-27]

Next, let's put into practice the beatitudes in the book of Matthew. [Matthew 5:2-12]